Welcome to the Castle!

FrontView_OldSHotWelcome to the new site dedicated to the historical landmark, most frequently referred to as the “Red Brick Castle.” Over the coming months and beyond we will be posting information about the property, its history and its future.

We purchased this wonderful, crazy historic property in February 2016 and are excited to tackle restoration work, as well as round out and compliment this property with new residential homes to complete what will become our primary family compound. I will be documenting here for anyone who cares to follow the progress of our restoration and construction project.

The first step in our project was to work with our historic architect, Nancy Goldenberg of Carey & Co, to document a historic assessment report, providing the Historic Preservation Committee of Santa Cruz with an overarching report on the condition of each element of this historic property. This report, as well as a structural report from our civil engineer, Dale Hendsbee of Mesiti-Miller Engineering, has helped to inform us of the structural integrity as well as historic significance of each component of this mysterious property.

We have begun the process of working with the city planning department and Historical Planning Commission as to how best to renovate this gem while providing visibility to these landmarks. Our intent is to save and restore all of the major (significant) components of this amazing architecture. The most significant components being the front archway, or Gate of Prophecy; the main brick house, or Red Castle; the two obelisks set at the front of the property, and a representative portion of the original fence or wall along the front of the property to either side of the archway. All will be carefully documented and given respectful representation in our historic depictions of the property, which we plan to portray, along with historical facts and urban legend on a tasteful placard set at the front of the property once our restoration work is complete.

Looking forward to taking any interested readers along on our journey!

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