Baby Steps – Cleaning up the property

Palms cleaned up beautifully!

Since purchasing this wonderful property in February, we’ve been hard at work with our architect (Eugene Sakai, Studio S Squared), to develop our site plan, floor plans and elevations for our dream compound. We have made much progress on these elements, but as they are all conceptual, it’s been leaving us feeling like we were just watching our lovely property sit stagnant as spring and now summer have come and gone, leaving the grasses dried out and the overall property looking a bit shabby.

To counter act this we’ve begun to do some initial landscape maintenance to prepare for the larger building project we hope to begin as soon as possible in 2017. This maintenance process began with having Quality Arbor Care (Henry Bosinger and team) come out to assess the condition of the existing trees throughout the property. We came to the conclusion that all of the palm trees were in good condition, they just needed some clean up and care to allow them to stand majestic. Unfortunately, the few other trees on the property were in varying stages of disease and were sadly dead or dying. As such, we decided to clear these out to allow us, when the time comes, to plant new drought tolerant trees and plants, which will ultimately help to bring this lovely estate to its full potential beauty.

In addition to cleaning up and clearing out the trees, we also brought in Nate Arroyo and his crew to help clear out years of overgrowth and blackberry brambles, as well as get a start on the massive job of weed abatement. Nate and his team have done a terrific job clearing out tons of overgrowth and trash, with their crowning achievement being the bark they took painstaking effort to lay out (with weed abatement cloth underneath), along the front, center and sides of the property.

All of their efforts, combined with Quality Arbor Care’s hard work on the trees, has helped to give us a nice start toward bringing this property to life again. Many thanks to Henry, Nate and their crews for all of their hard work!

Tree clean up process
Palms looking much better with the old fronds removed
Look at all those old palm fronds!
Weed abatement bark along the front helps make the property look much cleaner
Center court weed abatement bark
Starting to looked loved…

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  1. What a project! Good for you!


    1. artinamorton says:

      Sorry for not seeing your response so much sooner, Dian! I’m just getting into the swing of this “blog” thing 😛 We are very excited about the project…check out the latest news in my post today.


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