A year in the making

It’s been a year since we last posted to our site. Apologies for the long time away. In the past year we have been working with our architects and team of consultants, along with the city of Santa Cruz, to get our restoration and building project approved. While it has been a long and sometimes trying process, we are now approved by both the Santa Cruz Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and Zoning Administrator/City Planning to move forward with what’s needed to get our restoration and building permits.

We are no longer hopeful that we will be ready or able to break ground on our project this year, but we are hopeful that we will be able to begin the long road of restoration work and prepare to break ground in the spring to build our new home alongside the historic Yogi Temple. The secondary parcel to the north of the historic building will be a “phase 2” effort once the restoration work is completed and we are able to move into our new home.

As it has been since the beginning, before we purchased the property, our goal is to build a beautiful family compound surrounding the historic landmark structures and to restore the majority of these structures to reflect their true beauty.  Neighbors and the community have largely been in support of our vision, but there have been some concerns about what we have planned. We hope to have assuaged these concerns for now and be welcomed into the neighborhood and back into the Santa Cruz community in long term. We truly look forward to being the stewards to care for this historic property and enjoy its beauty with the community.



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