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We are getting very close to obtaining our building and restoration permits! If you’ve been by the property you will see that we have put up the security fencing. It’s a first step! We hope to break ground and begin grading the site in late May early June once the ground has dried sufficiently.

In the meantime, once permits are obtained we will begin the restoration work to retrofit the northern “flagpole” obelisk, as well as contain this and the other obelisk with protective shielding to avoid damaging these historic structures during construction. We will also begin to dismantle the decomposing well house walls down to it’s terra cotta tile floor/foundation, which will remain. We will be salvaging materials (key abalone, sandstone detail pieces as well as bricks) to be used in restoring the Yogi Temple, front archway portal as well as build an above ground surround around the in ground well where we will place an “homage” fountain to honor the historic site of the well house. We will also be dismantling the north and west side elements of the historic wall to salvage usable elements of this to restore sections of the front pieces of this historic wall, which will remain.

Our local mason, Mike Threet, and GC, Taylor Darling of Santa Cruz Green Builders, will be teaming up to work on this work, as well as begin the restoration of the Yogi temple and front archway portal. As many of you have been curious how we will ultimately be using the Yogi Temple, this will not be a habitable structure (no one will be living in this building), we instead plan to use this unique structure as our “creative zone,” where we will have our music and art studios and ultimately look forward to sharing it in its restored beauty with the community during special events and annual Open Studios.

For those curious, we have helped Richard Serrano, the long time care taker of our property, move his cars up to his family’s 15 acre estate in Clearlake. Richard indicated that though he plans to ultimately “retire” there to help his brother and sister manage that property, for the foreseeable future he plans to enjoy spending time with his daughter and granddaughter in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We wish Richard well and are ever grateful for his contribution to keeping the historic Red Brick Castle/Court of Mysteries safe from vandals and vagrants. If it weren’t for Richard the structures might well be in worse shape than they are and we might have lost them all forever. So, thank you, Richard. We love you, man!!


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  1. douglasharr says:

    Just want to say, here here! (your husband:)


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