Foundations and Finishes

Since my last entry the framing for the foundations of our new home and garage/ADU are almost complete and this coming week should see the pouring of these foundations. It’s impressive to see this work in progress, revealing the baseline for what will be our new home. I’ve seen many a building under construction, but this is the first time I’ve seen it all step by step and been intimately involved, and it is quite a process. We continue to marvel at each step of this process and are enjoying seeing everything come to life.

Mike and Ty have continued the restoration work of the front gate portal structures. They replaced several pieces of missing sandstone around several of the frames for the light windows. These frames were also missing or had damaged abalone detail and these required a new discovery process for Mike to determine how to recreate these. Once again, we are impressed with his craftsmanship and ability to sort through this with relative ease.

We decided to wait on installing these abalone frames until we re-run the electrical wiring to each portal to re-establish the lighting in these structures. As this will be implemented down the road when we lay down the landscape lighting, we will wait until then to install the abalone frames to prevent damaging these from being potentially damaged during the electrical work, but you can see the process and finished product in the pictures above.

Taylor’s team, Mike and Ty dismantled the remainder of the disintegrating sections of the historic wall along the back northwest and north property lines, salvaging the few that were still good for a later installation at the front of the property. With this work done, quite quickly and efficently I might add, Taylor’s team are now installing the remainder of the new redwood fencing, which will complete this aspect of the project. Note in the pictures how absolutely perfectly plumb (in line) the posts for this fence were placed. Amazing!! We are really excited to have this fence finished soon.

Mike and Ty also cleaned and repaired most all the abalone window sills around the temple, and once again its so well done that we have a difficult time telling where his work took place as it blends in so perfectly with the original work. Additionally, Taylor’s team installed most of the remaining windows for the Yogi Temple, but some must wait until Mike has a chance to repair some of the arched concrete frames directly around the windows that were more significantly damaged. We should be seeing this work completed soon and shortly there after all windows completely installed. The pictures above reflect the work in process and how having these installed really lights up the interior of the temple. We are still waiting on the doors, which have been on back order, but those too should be arriving and installed soon.

We also saw the installation of the gutters on the Yogi Temple, and boy what a difference that makes to giving this building a more finished look. So nice!! Mike is also working to cut in the doorway to the new bathroom for the temple at the back of the building near where our pool will be. Super hard labor, and we can’t be more thankful. It will be great to have the bathroom there for use when working in our art and music studios. To create this bathroom we simply cut out the floor of where the bathroom was before to allow us to leverage to open space below it to create a full height room, thereby allowing us to keep the temple roofline flat, instead of how it was before when they had to create a “pop-up” section for a full height bathroom that you could see rising well above the roofline. So nice to be able to have the bathroom without impacting the roof line. Awesome plan/design!

My next installment in a few weeks should see significant progress on the foundations and possibly the beginnings of framing work on our house, garage and ADU. We also hope to report the full installation of the temple windows and doors, and possibly completion of the temple roof, which is close to being done.

We hope you continue to enjoy tracking the progress of our project. We are certainly enjoying having you all along for the ride 😉


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  1. mkolota says:

    Artina and Doug,
    Doug and I are certainly glad to be along for the ride on your project blog! So proud of what you’re doing!


    1. Thank you, Michele. I’m currently waiting on some key next steps to be started and completed before I make my next blog entry. Hoping to see these happen this week…fingers crossed 🙂


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