Ready for framing, doors and more


It’s been over a month since I last blogged. Sorry about the delay on this, but I was waiting for a few components to be started or completed. In this time we have seen so many things begin and wrap up.

We’ve seen the rest of the red wood fence put up and it’s so beautiful!  We get lots of compliments on it by neighbors and passers by. The roof on the Yogi Temple is also now finished and this includes braces for the solar panels and sky lights! Additionally, all of the windows are now fully installed in the Yogi Temple. The temple doors are being shaped and will be installed very soon. They are solid and heavy and will look fantastic once they are hung.

In preparation for installing the windows, Mike had to recreate several of the arched concrete surrounds around those where this was heavily damaged. Per usual, with minimal trial and little error, he devised a form to do this (see the pictures) and they came out great. And, as usual, it’s near impossible to notice where the original work ends and Mike’s work begins.

In addition to finishing the windows, Mike has been doing a bunch of repointing work around the temple to ensure that seriously damaged or weak bricks are replaced or repaired. One component of this work was to fix huge grooves worn across each of the front columns where it appeared at one point there must have been a cable that ran across the veranda and this ultimately left significant damage at the same point across all the columns. These are all repaired now and the columns look fantastic! He also has been repairing the bricks around the doorways to ensure that when the doors are hung there will be no issues.

Mike also cut out the new door way at the back of the temple for what will be the new half bathroom. While doing this, he unearthed a ton of very old tiles that look to be from the 1940’s. We have no clue why these widely varied tiles were buried under the temple, but we are certainly grateful to Mike for carefully unearthing them. We plan to use them in a variety of ways, but I’ll tell you more about that in future blogs 😉

Last I wrote, the frames for the foundation of our new home and garage had been built. Since then the foundations have been poured (and look amazing!) and plumbing and gas rough ins have been laid in. Everyone who looks at our foundation says its rock solid and built to last. So good to know!

Most recently the crews spread a huge pile of gravel that had been delivered for the foundation of our back inner courtyard and veranda, as well as the garage, and they poured the garage floor. It looks beautiful! So well done!! The veranda and courtyard concrete won’t be poured until later in the project as we will be using “stamped/stained” concrete in these areas and we don’t want that damaged during the bulk of the construction phase.

So, while it may seem in looking at the pictures that little has visibly done, actually so much has been happening. In addition to the work on site, Doug and I have been doing a lot in preparation for the build, like finalizing doors and windows for our house, picking plumbing fixtures, tile and flooring, meeting with pool contractors and many more details that need our attention. I expect by my next posting we will have photos to share showing framing going up, doors for the temple installed and much more, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for hanging in there with us and sharing our journey in this wild adventure 🙂


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  1. Janet Grell says:

    💕 looking good!


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