Roof, Walls, Doors and more

Did you see the Super Wolf Full Moon, enjoy the Spring Equinox or any of the other natural wonders that spring has been sending our way? It’s been beautiful here, and though the rains seem to keep coming, we certainly can’t complain. While it is rather unusual for the last of the month of May to see continued storms around here, especially chilly ones,  it’s nothing compared to what the rest of the country has been dealing with. One thing is clear, our weather patterns are continuing to change year after year everywhere :/  We hope you all are enduring whatever it’s been bringing out your way.  Personally, we hope to see the end of our spring showers soon as we need the ground water to dry up in order to move on to some of the next phases of our work.

The crazy weather aside, there has still been steady progress since my last entry. With the interior walls framed and the roof closed in, we are about to exit the framing stage. All windows and nearly all exterior doors are in place and the electricians and plumbers have been busy finishing the rough in work so that dry wall work can begin. The exterior finish team has nearly finished the first stage of their work by putting up the paper/wire wrap that lays the foundation for their stucco work, which won’t be for several months yet but it’s exciting to see the start of this process. Doug and I have been keeping busy selecting fixtures and ensuring the team has quick responses to all of their questions to keep things on track.

There’s nothing new to report regarding the restoration work, so we know that for some of you this phase may not be the most exciting to track. We hope to have a bit more news to share in the next couple of months as we see the pool work, dry wall and other finishing elements begin, but I think for some of you the really interesting phase will be later this summer and into the fall when we start up the last of the restoration work and dig into the landscaping and finish work. For us, time is flying by and we know all of this will be here before we know it, so we are learning to enjoying each stage of the build and restoration process.

We hope you enjoy the latest photos. We will be back with more news and pictures around the Summer Solstice 😉 Until then, we wish you all a peaceful spring and pray for calmer weather for everyone, everywhere.


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  1. Dad says:

    Thanks for the update . It is coming along very nicely. It looks like you guys have must have bought a forest for all the lumber.


    1. Yes! It’s crazy how much it takes to build a house with a fence too. We’ll be donating to replant trees for awhile!


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