Crazy Busy Summer!

My apologies….I’m terribly overdue to update everyone on what’s been going on. I keep telling people it’s been a bit like drinking from a firehose this summer, as there has been so much happening all at once on the project every week and the months have flown by; So, without further adieu, here is the latest news.

When I last wrote, we had just finished getting the exterior walls ready for the first round of stucco. Walls were framed and ready for insulation and drywall. Boy…has a lot happened since then!

As of this week we are a good ways into completing the lap pool/spa.  The first coat of exterior stucco and exterior deco tiles from Spain are up, and the final coat of stucco is scheduled to go up this week.  The interior walls are now completed, all the way through mud/texture and paint.  The faux beams have been installed in the ceiling…that was harrowing to watch.  All of the cabinets are installed and waiting to be stained and they are beautiful. Like the interior doors, they are made from knotty Alder.  Tile floors and bathroom walls have begun to be laid.  The high ceiling lighting and fan will be installed this week enabling us to remove the tall interior scaffolding so that the hardwood floors can be laid later this week. As of today the ADU is having its hardwood floor laid and last week its interior doors were hung and the kitchen counter has been partially installed.

The temple courtyard is being prepared for its finished look and we have on boarded a local artist, Brian Sarinova (his website), to the team to create our courtyard fountain (just wait till you see what we’ve designed with him!), some artistic metal components for the front gate, which is being built by another local artisan, and a newly designed metal grate/cover for the well (we will be illuminating the well so you can look through this grate and see the water and brickwork below). These are such exciting developments for us and all happened quite quickly.

As you will see in the pictures, its been a very productive summer and while I’ve meant to blog updates regularly, I have missed the boat on that, so please enjoy catching up on where we are at now.  The vision of our dream property that has been in my head for three years now is coming to life like a painting I’ve dreamt of and it’s all incredibly exciting. I look forward to sharing the final exciting stages towards completing our labor of love project over the next few months.

Cheers and many wishes that your summers have been fun and productive as well!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Art Morton says:

    Jean says the flowers could be Naked Ladies.


    1. Yes! That’s what they are! Just found that out 😉


  2. Doug and Artina
    WOW, the progress is simply amazing and what a fantastic vision. Can’t wait to see the finished product with a visit to CA.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Denise and Jeff


    1. Thanks! Fingers crossed we will be done by end of the year. We look forward to seeing you here next year maybe?


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