Halloween at The Court of Mysteries

We were thrilled that our local paper The Good Times ran a feature article about our property and made folks aware that we were going to be sitting outside the gates Halloween evening if anyone wanted to come by to take a peek, visit and ask questions about the property or project. Wallace Baine did a great job writing about the property and what we’ve been doing to restore the historic landmark artifacts. We are ever grateful for the publicity and honored we were their cover story. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by and expressed an interest in the project. We are so appreciative of the support and curiosity.

We are already looking forward to putting together our “Haunted Courtyard” for Halloween 2020!!


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  1. Heidi Dunson says:

    Hi, i always loved this place and had some happy fantasies about buying it… They were purely fantasies as i could never afford it, but fun spiritual dreams!💚
    Are there any pictures of the original and finished home? I’ve never been inside and was very curious as to what it looked like before and after.☺🌱


    1. Hello, Heidi. Thank you for your love of and interest in the property. I’ve been bad about getting a posting out with some final pictures after we moved in. We still are decorating and arranging things in the “Temple” (as we call it). I’ll get that done soon. If you subscribe to this blog you’ll get notifications of new posts I make.


  2. Congratulations and Happy Holidays from Lotus Chapel in the Redwoods Retreat Center! Should I still mail your holiday card to 849 Almar or do you now have a new address? Jai Guru!


    1. Happy holidays, Michael! Yes, that’s our mailing address. I look forward to seeing your place soon!


  3. Veda Ozelle says:

    Excited that this unique Santa Cruz gem is now owned by loving creative people who have such a cool vision for its future!! I lived a few doors down from “The Shrine” (as we used to call it) in the early 1990’s and was always drawn to the place. Can’t wait to visit next year on Halloween! God luck with the project. 🎃👻😻


    1. Thank you, Veda!!


  4. pewhite68 says:

    It was wonderful to meet you, Doug, and Maria on Halloween. I’m so excited about your plans and vision for this amazing place. And I’d love to help! Writing, editing, project organizing, admin tasks, introducing you to my network for helpful connections…whatever. Please reach out if you’d like to connect. Warmly, Patricia White


    1. Thank you, Patricia! We will definitely have to stay in touch!


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