The Red Brick Castle (aka Court of Mysteries) was built by local mason Kenneth Kitchen in the 1940’s. The centerpiece is a brick building with single-car garages on each side, totaling about 2,000 sq ft. The archway in front of the property makes a beautiful entrance to the lot. On each side of the property there are obelisks, one used for incoming electrical power, the other as a flagpole. A small brick building left of the main home covers an operational well. The structures are surrounded by mystery and conjecture as to what led Mr. Kitchen to design the architecture in the way he did, evoking the image of a Yogi Temple from India, or the Turkish architecture of his ancestry. All that is known will be revealed within these pages. Welcome!

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  1. Lia Strell says:

    You are rebuilding a treasure from the past. There are so many odd stories lurking. Our daughter graduated UCSC 2019. I tried to describe your vision for the community and many of the students just wanted believe the odd fake news. Our daughter Cori lives down the street for the summer. Good luck Congratulations. I want to be included in your opening celebration.


  2. That looks amazing! What a special place. Can’t wait to see it when you are finished. Hope to meet with you again.Cheers, Erica


    1. Thanks, Erica! We look forward to seeing again too!


  3. Ernie Fenn says:

    As a kid of 9 when we moved to the West Side we used this as a play structure at times. Have been back on this side since 1982 and watched many goings on in and about the property.


    1. Thank you for the memories, Ernie. Doug and I hope in time to capture all the local flavor & stories about the property and create a book to share with the community. Stay tuned for when we have the opportunity to get that project started 😉


  4. DWD says:

    Wow, I just found out the second floor planned to be built on the Red Brick Castle is a true story. Dr. Ambrose Cowden MD was a good friend of both brothers that built the castle. They possibly never completed project because of bad health to one of the brothers.


    1. Yes. There are interior and exterior stairs to a non existent 2nd floor. We’ve heard various stories about this and other aspects of the Kitchen Bros history. I would love to hear more about this. Is Dr Cowden alive and available to talk with me about it?


  5. Ashley Lobao says:

    If you see any products/samples that interest you please let me know and I can provide you with samples/quotes. If you would like a catalog I can also provide you with that for your library. II look forward to working with you!

    – Ashley Lobao


    1. artinamorton says:

      Thanks again, Ashley for contacting me. Sorry I wasn’t on site today…I look forward to seeing the samples when I pick them up tomorrow and seeing you in a few weeks at your showroom!


  6. Michelle Arant says:



    1. artinamorton says:

      So sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner, Michelle! I’m just getting to understand how this “blog” thing works ;P I’ve posted an update today that shows all the latest news and photos of work that’s begun now that we have our permits!!!


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